Hello to you all

When will this madness stop? Despite the crippled economics, thousands of lives have been ruined already. Where is the license to be a politician? 

Even the last one knows by now, that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (wrongly titled by the press as COVID-19) is not at all as dangerous as the politicians scare us with it.

Who do you really know that died of this virus?

People die with the virus and not because of the virus. This is a huge difference.

Counting infected people does not say anything about the danger of the virus.

The death toll itself does not seem higher than with any occurring influenza pandemic.

With the simple mathematical fact of the 14 to 20 days incubation time of the virus, a lockdown will never work.

Nobody knows how real the numbers are that the prone to lying politicians throw around.

The test that shows a SARS-CoV-2 infection is proven to be unreliable.

And why keeping social distance, when we all must wear masks? So the masks then don't protect at all?

Also it is utterly irresponsible to force humans living unhealthy to wear masks and inhale what is supposed to leave the body as waste. It constantly creates Hypercapnia.
Very bad for people that have respiratory problems e.g., like asthma.

With this new lockdown, again all my live performances are cancelled globally.

Since we are at the beginning of a new area — the totalitarian state — any outcome of guaranteeing the right of personal freedom, having human rights and the provision of proper healthcare, will most likely not happen in any foreseeable future anymore.

For those who want to hear me nevertheless, you can use this occasion and get my Collectors CD album. But hurry only a few are still left of this limited edition. Fancy shopping?

It was always a pleasure seeing and chatting with you and I especially miss performing for you. My thoughts are with you and I wish for you to stay healthy and please refuse to live in fear.

Live with passion!


What a great Tour

"This was a wonderful tour along the Spanish Costa Blanca. To perform and receive such a great response from you after every performance blew me away. Regardless of the size of the venue – small or large — it was such great pleasure for me to sing, perform and be with you.

I want to thank each of you for coming and taking part in creating these vivid energetic party evenings including the one time afternoon event. I met so many wonderful people. My thanks also go out to the venue owners who booked me and shared the success with excitement. 

I hope that I will get the chance to perform again for the ones who know me, but also for anyone who wants to be part of these great evenings.

Until the next time — love you."


Jeffri Ramli official Spain tour poster

Official Tour Poster

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